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Manual Handling of Goods and People

*This training includes part of the practical training in the form of video feeds so it’s more than the usual theory training that you can attend online.   The training: The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 require employers to ensure that all employees are trained and competent in manual handling. Manual…

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    Diana Segata October 19, 2017 @ 7:52 am

    So happy with this course. I can finally understand an online course 100%.

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    George Brokis October 19, 2017 @ 8:16 am

    Good one. But there’s still space for improvement

  • Tom Steven October 20, 2017 @ 9:34 am

    Very excited about the news. Is it free?

    • Daziy Millar October 20, 2017 @ 9:36 am

      Yes it’s free!

  • David Lee October 20, 2017 @ 9:39 am

    This is great. Hope to meet everybody there

  • David Lee October 20, 2017 @ 9:48 am

    Good one, covered almost all topics. Recommended for everybody

  • AnnaMaria Paun July 19, 2019 @ 8:14 pm

    Thank you so much for the invite to leave a review.
    This was offered by my employer as part of my induction. It was clear enough for me and managed a good score at the quiz.

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