Induction Training for SOS Professional HomeCare

This is the first part of your Induction Training.


We will go through the basics. You will learn some aspects in regards to your new employer, your job role, duties, safety issues and how to keep you and the service users safe.


At the end of the training you will have a Test / Quiz.


Good luck!

Senior accredited trainer at SOS Professional Group from 2018 --- Registered Manager of SOS Professional HomeCare --- Academic Consultant at SOS Professional Consulting --- Qualified trainer at Level 3 --- Member of AoHT from 2018 --- | ---- Doctor of Law in Criminal Science (EU) --- | ---- Level 6 in Informatics and Math --- | ---- Level 4 in Computer Debugging and Repairs --- | ---- Level 4 in Advanced Computing Software --- | ---- Level 5 in Health and Social Care Management


  • AnnaMaria Paun

    Good quality

    Thank you so much for the invite to leave a review. This was offered by my employer as part of my induction. It was clear enough for me and managed a good score at the quiz.




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