General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

This is a training course that will allow the trainees to be aware of the Data Protection Regulation and the changed it brings to the Data Protection in UK and Europe.


The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) added extra responsibilities to the data protection regulation in all the EU countries.

All businesses, no matter how big or small, that handle personal data, must ensure they are aware of the new rules and must examine the processes they currently have in place to continue to comply with the law.


Companies and organisations should ensure all their staff undertake this awareness course as a first step to become compliant.


This training:

* Was developed by health and safety professionals and accredited trainers

* Ensures compliance with UK and EU Data Protection legislation

* Is accredited by SPTC

* The certificate does not specify that this is an online course so there will be no difference between someone that does this In-House or Online

*Provides fully online course and assessment with no time limits

*Has full audio voiceover


Approximate duration: 1 hour

On completion an unique, verifiable and accredited certificate will be issued at level 2.

Senior accredited trainer at SOS Professional Group from 2018 --- Registered Manager of SOS Professional HomeCare --- Academic Consultant at SOS Professional Consulting --- Qualified trainer at Level 3 --- Member of AoHT from 2018 --- | ---- Doctor of Law in Criminal Science (EU) --- | ---- Level 6 in Informatics and Math --- | ---- Level 4 in Computer Debugging and Repairs --- | ---- Level 4 in Advanced Computing Software --- | ---- Level 5 in Health and Social Care Management


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    David Lee

    Overall good

    Good one. But there's still space for improvement
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    Daziy Millar

    Awesome Course

    So happy with this course. I can finally understand an online course 100%.




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